November 26, 2006

quick shorts for rory

rory needed shorts as i didn't seem to have any for her, so today i finally got time to whip up a quick pair. i used the ottobre pattern i made her 3/4 pants out of and just shortened them. they worked out ok but i do need to play a bit to make them work better. the fabric i used was the doona cover i found in an op shop which i still love :)

excuse her expression, she wanted boobies not photos LOL

November 14, 2006

moomoo's skirt take 2...

another moomoo skirt

missy moo and her skirt fetish *rolls eyes* this was a remnant i got from lincraft last week, i think i have two pieces of it for myself actually! decided to just do side seam and gather but turned out the fabric was too wide to gather to the waistband elastic. so of course i made a simple job compicated yet again....

ended up putting pleats in it and then gathering the lot onto the elastic. then finished it off with the trim that belinda sent me a while ago. i'm planning to make a blue tshirt to match and finish with the same trim 9but planning to is not doing lol)
aagh, even writing on the closeup didn't get it the right way around

November 07, 2006

sydney sewing girls!

thought it might be easier to have a thread here where i am not so easily confused about what we are doing LOL


Playland at ikea

November 06, 2006

emelia loves her new 'pretty' !

November 05, 2006


it's been a crazy busy weekend but after we spent half the day putting up tents (practicing for our upcoming camping weekend with some eb friends) i decided i HAD to make emelia some skirts. she is half TT'ing and will only wear skirts most days. i don't have many and when i have to put her in 2-3 a day then we have a problem! lol

so i thought i'd whip up a few quick skirts.

well, that was the plan anyway *rolls eyes* i grabbed out some cheap (and nasty heh) printed cotton i had stashed away and cut out a twirly skirt. however i forgot you don't have to do the 1.6x measurement on the waist, so it is twirlier than twirly! i also decided that as i was goin to have to join it i would make it a feature so i cut the strips into rectangles and joined them all, seams out, with a decorative zigzag (which i figured would give more strength and better protection from too much fraying)

so anyway, i wanted to sew ricrac around the bottom but didn't have nearly 4m laying around so finished it with a decorative stitch with yellow satin thread.

et voila.

i'll try to get a photo of her in it tomorrow. i'm not that happy with it but it's a skirt and she won't care that i'm not happy! lol

E's flirty skirt ;o)

first layer 50 x 1.6 = 80 + 2cm = 82cm

second layer = 80 x 1.6 = 128 + 2cm = 130cm

third layer = 128 x 1.6 = 205 + 2cm = 207cm

337cm of frill / 106cm fabric width = 3 pieces + 20cm

November measurements

3y 5m
height - 101.5cm (big growth spurt in sept/oct!)
waist - 48cm

2y 2m
height - 92cm
waist - 50cm

November 03, 2006

oh and...

no sewing lately - i've been soooooo busy and also having a bout of pnd which has had me to the dr and had me laying low. i feel like i'm improving though the damp and gloomy yet warm weather isn't helping, but hopefully i'll get there soon...

Thank you emelia!!!!

she just found my missing ottobre magazine! (3/04) it was in the back of the tv cabinet - as if i ever would have found it in there! lol