May 27, 2007

Ikea long weekend gtg!

how about 10am or 1030am?

May 15, 2007

shirts for rory

it's been so long since i've sewn, what with being flat out with TW, having the kids home sick (and totally unable to sew when rory is around these days) and being sick myself...

I'd cut a heap of stuff out for rory on the weekend and yesterday got one shirt sewn before crashing into bed to sleep for hours. i cna't seem to get the neckline right, but I think i need to stretch the banding before I sew it on and that should work better.

the shirt is an ottobre one but i can't remember the details!

thanks for tagging me helen :o) i'll get to it later today i hope...

and will put my pincushion swappee's parcel in the mail express today :) (log in and see my flickr for a sneak peak) thank you again to ingrid for a gorgeous parcel and pincushion which I think you can see on her blog by now :oD

May 06, 2007

Op Shop patterns - 20c a piece!

unfortunately the two i like best are size 10, which i am not and never will be LOL

who wants them?