February 24, 2008

Ryan's Library Bag for preschool

still in shock that my boy has started preschool (and that he loves it so much!). even though i checked the list the week before it started i'm positive a library bag wasn't mentioned on it so i didn't have one organised when the note came home on wednesday saying that IF they had a library bag on friday they'd be allowed to borrow a book (if not, too bad so sad!!)

i work weds & thurs so no chance of making a bag on those nights, i am exhausted.

so i made it today. i used this blog tutorial for inspiration and a search on eb to get the idea and dimensions etc.

i totally stuffed it up but love it anyway LOL i haven't been feeling well today (dizzy & nauseous) so was having trouble concentrating. it was suppose to be blue on the outside and green on the inside, with the handle sewed into the seams hehe

i handstitched ryan's name on the label, and did the button more for practice for him than practicality.

February 03, 2008

mermaid skirt

today i hosted a craft open house - only eilleen was able to make it but it was lovely to chat and catch up with her, and i achieved my aim of getting something done!

i had planned to start some winter clothes for ryan but hadn't tidied up in time (plus hadn't washed the fabric) and remembered i wanted to make a princess skirt for rory for her birthday. i found the instructions on a blog (i forget where :() last week.

I had some gorgeous green and blue glittery organza already and decided to combine the two, not realising that it would make a skirt that looked like a mermaids! the idea was to make a loop of elastic slightly smaller than the waist (i used my usual wide waist elastic but recommend you use as narrow an elastic as possible, as long as it's strong enough). you then cut strips of any shimmery / see through fabric and simply knot them around the elastic - voila!

the only downside is that there is glitter EVERYWHERE!

the photos show emelia modelling it for me :)