September 21, 2008

Car Organiser

well, the state of my car is disgraceful (i meant to clean and tidy it this weekend but it just didn't happen) and i'm sick of having stuff everywhere. so I googled ideas for making your own car organisers. i found this blog which had a great tute and i set to work.

i used a piece of corduroy which i had bought to make pants for ryan, but as he is my denim addict (will rarely wear anything else) i decided to sacrifice it to the cause - plus it matched our gorgeous (*snort*) beige interior LOL it was the perfect size to get 2 organisers out of, with the tiniest bit of fiddling (if you look closely the drink pocket has the wale of the cord the opposite way - totally intentional! lol)

i was a little over enthusiastic with how much extra fabric i included in the pockets, but now it's perfect for that notepad and tissues lol
the cord wasn't too thick to sew, though a layer of thinner would have been easier.

i had originally planned to have elastic run around the headrest and across the base of the seat, so it was mostly out of sight, but decided that probably wasn't the best option. so we do have unsightly white elastic down the front seats but i'm not really that bothered - i think the benefits outway the aesthetics.

next week i'll do one for the other side, i ran out of time as it took a little longer than i expected!

in other news i spent the past few weeks tidying and organising my sewing area, it's mostly done now and looking heaps better! just gotta sort out my fabrics and find something better to store all my overlocker and sewing threads in - what do you use?

September 12, 2008

12x12" canvas prints $29.98 at big w

community service announcement lol

see here for further details