December 30, 2005

christmas stuff part 2 - cards

next year i must remember to make 'normal' sized cards, so they don't cost more than twice as much to send LOL

again with the basic grey - this time their new blitzen range. machine stitching and ribbons also, bazzill card (doodlebug)

i had a drama with the photos as i'd spent HOURS getting them just right for printing and they came back with the C cut off but also too wide to fit on the card!

christmas stuff - cd tins

now that christmas is over i can show these off. i think people really liked the cd covers, inside the tin were some cd's and dvd's with pics of the kids on them...

they looked much nicer in real life than in the photo of course.

i used the basic grey fusion range to do them. the flowers are punches, the funky one for the big one. the tag pocket is sewn on and rub ons for the r&e.

i dimensional magicked random bits of the patterns which looked really effective.

these were given to grandparents and aunts & uncles

this afternoon's effort...

i'm really proud of this! i don't like it, but i'm proud of it LOL

i thought it would look really funky to have the two fabrics together but ummm, no! it looks like i'm wearing an apron ROFL! anyway, i am pleased with how long it took me and with the job i did on it, very neat. I'm also very happy that i successfully altered the pattern to fit. I have some other fabric so i'm goign to try to make another tomorrow - this is my only sleeveless maternity shirt and it's goign to be 38'c for the next 2 days (AAAAGH!)

this shirt was also really cheap to make - about $7 in fabric from spotlight and a $5 on sale pattern :) (a butterick one)

aagh i can't get the stupid photo to appear below this text instead of above!! grrrr

emelia's christmas dress

i made emelia a little dress for christmas. it was a little trickier than i expected but i was still pretty happy with it. i did the bias binding facings as the pattern explained but mum told me of a better way to do it (the way i did it means that all the raw edges were left showing) . it's a nice size for her and she should be able to wear it next year too :o)

yesterday's scrapping project

i wanted to make this for geoff for christmas but i just couldn't find the time or energy until now (after a week on holiday).

here's a bigger image of it

really want to get into scrapping for others again but i just don't have the energy for making whole albums. I've been thinking of cards but then I decided this might work. if I was to make them I would offer a few different colour / design choices, and would charge about $15 plus postage. you'll have to imagine that i've completed the calendar (which would be a month to a page, tear away at the end of each month) as i have too much of a headache to make it now. also, the photo just sits inside the photo corners so it can be replaced monthly or as often as desired. the whole thing (other than calendar, photo etc) has been sealed to protect it.

i posted it on a group i'm part of and someone reminded me that calendars really need to be sold before now, so i'm contemplating if this is a dud idea or if I could simply sell it with say 15 months worth of calendar. or whether i even can be bothered LOL

here i am!

inspired by some other craft blogs around the place i decided to set up one of my own. rather than just being sewing or just being scrapbooking, i'll put it all in one spot :)

off to work out how this works...