July 21, 2007


started to catch up on blogging friends tonight - didn't get far before i was inspired by helen's blog and her disappearing 9 patch quilt.

i think I've quilted once upon a time at school - 20+ years ago! but i tend to have a bit of an 'i can't fail' attitude *sigh*

so i dug in my cupboard for scraps that i wouldn't use for anything much else and sat on the floor (being too lazy to clear the dining table after dinner) cutting them out. i have decided the cutting is the bit i hate most! but then again i don't have a rotary cutter etc, i was using a template and cutting 2 at a time with regular scissors. perhaps next time i'll borrow mum's lol

the sewing was easy though i've only done one and it's bedtime! the rest will have to wait. this can become a little blanket for emelia for her birthday - she loves to put things over her teddies, little people, the cats etc (hehe) so this can be for that.

the colours don't do it for me (i'd love gorgeous fabrics like helen's) but they'll do for this purpose.

i'd love to make a nice one for ryan ... one day... maybe !