October 21, 2008

Finished and Fun in the sun!

well i didn't get my kaftan finished til the day before leaving but it was perfect for taking! I wore it down to the pool everytime i went, not just for the dress up night ;)

here are the pictures i promised :D

oh and i had a FABULOUS weekend!!!

October 04, 2008

another challenge

in 2 weeks i'm off to the gold coast for a child free weekend - and i CAN'T WAIT!!!!

anyway for our first night (cocktails by the pool ;p) we have a theme of dressing for the year we were born... lucky me, a 69 girl! i could have gone as an astronaut but thought it might be a bit hot LOL thought about being a hippy but then i was looking at a book i had borrowed from the library on western fashion for the past 1000 years and the picture of the late 60's was of a lady in a kaftan and tight 7/8 pants. i decided that was perfect for lounging by the pool!!

mum reminded me i had a pattern - simplicity 4067 but i discovered that i had bought it in the wrong size! aagh! so i had to resize it all by multiple sizes and i didn't do such a great job, but then again i have no idea what i'm doing lol i also lengthened it. unfortunately i didn't have enough of the matching material to make any pants, but i figure for the pool i don't really need them (and tbh the sleeves will make me hot and i would be even hotter in pants)

the top has come out a bit big, and the bottom, while it is big enough for my pear shape, is not big enough in the right spots because i'm so short between the waist and shoulders (and very long from waist to crotch). never mind, i'll remember that for next time, if there is a next time ;)

i am really really struggling sewing it too - the fabric i'm using is a very very light cotton - maybe a muslin or a battiste or something like that... anyway, on both my sewing machine and my overlocker, i have to stretch the **** out of it otherwise the stitching gathers as i sew / overlock. it's driving me a bit crazy but i'm nearly finished now....

tomorrow i need to get mum to help me sew some trim on to make it look really 60's (unfortunately the trim was $6 pm so i don't have enough to go around the sleeves and hem as well as the neck :(). i also am going to make a headscarf to wear, tied at the side of my face of course lol like the headscarf in the orange version here . hmmmm my kaftan is definitely not as big as the originals lol

i have just realised that i should have big puffy hair too, but i'm going to be swimming so not sure there's any point... lol

i did buy big sunglasses too ;)

ok, i will post a pic tomorrow once i have it finished!