June 21, 2008

AT LAST !!! my WIP is finished!!

i lost count of how many times i had to undo this and start again, at least 8. oh my goodness it was so frustrating. i'm not sure if it was me and my inability to read patterns properly, or the ottobre instructions...

anyway, this is the ottobre pattern i used here

i am now making some little flowers to go on it, pattern here

and i have to say thank goodness for youtube for converting US crochet to australian!!!

June 19, 2008

overlocker course update

i have been enjoying it - when i make it!

i missed one week as g went to see the chaser show. i missed another 2 weeks because i wasn't well and just couldn't face going.

i went this week but achieved very little (still not well) and there is only one week to go.

i have really enjoyed it and have learned a lot. i never realised there was so much you could do with your overlocker!! i meant to leave the poor neglected thing in for a service and forgot. will have to do it next week.

we are supposed to pick a project to do during the course. a pillow was suggested but i just wasn't all that interested. in the end i picked this pattern and will make it for emelia from a chocolate brown uncut cord for the dress and a not-quite mint green for the shirt and leggings.

obviously it will take longer than 2 hours for me to make it, but i'm hoping to attend some of their 'sew what you like classes'. the teacher has told me she will help me to make new swimmers (with underwires) and bras for myself!! OMG i need new swimmers desperately but larger sizes with underwire are $200+ !!!! and i also need new bras even more desperately (all my 'new' not cheap bras are falling apart despite already having been repaired :()

they have a deal where you can attend 8 of these sewing 'classes' for $135, you get help on whatever you need and you don't need to attend every week, just when it suits. sounds great :)

another meme tag...

from mermaids

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

i had met geoff about 9 months before and was waiting on the results of my interview for a job over here in canberra where he was living. (they took 3 months to get back to me, i should have known they were going to be awful employers lol). i was living in tumut, out on my own for the first time and loving it. renting a gorgeous heritage flat from my boss. was enjoying my job though i had apparently had a falling out with the girls at work - i only knew as they all stopped talking to me :-0 in august 2008 i finally moved to canberra and moved in with geoff just until i found another housemate (heh)

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

i'll say tomorrow as today is nearly over.

* bake something quick and easy for a morning tea playdate

* fold some washing, the pile is monstrous

* put the F&V from organic express away in tupperware in teh fridge

* make dinner

3. Snacks I enjoy:

golden delicious apples (now out of season, sob), little mandarins, soft cheese on crackers, cake of most kinds, coles brand stem ginger cookies

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

hire a cleaner and a nanny, hmmm maybe a housekeeper who did it all. put this house on a bigger block (love my house but the yard's too small), buy an embroidery machine, travel overseas regularly, give gifts to family, plan a spectacular 40th birthday, have massages every week!

5. Places I have lived:

tumut, gilgandra, kempsey, queanbeyan - nsw

canberra - act

milan - italy

northwood - uk

vermont - usa

6. Jobs I have had:


waitress (hopeless lol)

fairy floss maker!

canteen hand



camp counselor

disability support worker


project officer

and currently policy officer

7. 6 Peeps I would like to know more about (in no particular order)

whoever would like to do it - just let me know you have!