March 28, 2006

1/2 pairs of pj's...

Ryan and Emelia need some pj's for this between season weather. I made them a top each using the same pattern as the summer ones. I decided to be clever and put in a v neck but i did a shocking job! LOL so i googled some instructions and did a slightly better job on the second one. still looks pretty terrible though. I had to add bands to ryan's sleeves so they'd be long enough (size 3 again, i think the sizing is pretty small)

I need to make the pants to match but I had cut out a pair out of fleece and i'm not happy with the shape or size so I'll have to try another pattern. perhaps i'll try the kwik sew pattern (that matches the shirts) but in a size 4...

PS: the nappy cover ryan is wearing is a gorgeous soft soft bum jumper made by alice!

March 25, 2006

pants report

the pants fit ok.
the waist only just fits, so need the elastic to be bigger (was 18cm + fabric, try 22/23)
the length in the body is fine (bit long but growing room) but the legs are way too short - need to cut the centre panels longer by about 3-4cm
width is great

I'm back!

Poor Miss Rory has no pants to wear! hehe Emelia was twice her size at birth, so never needed small sizes and for some reason I sold all ryan's smaller pants and jackets. I didn't want to buy any, so today I had a go at making some pants. Very difficult to find such a small size and I am not a pattern drafter but I managed to convert a pattern to sort of fit (not that I've actually tried these on Rory yet!)

They are Ottober 1/2006, pattern #3 for the baby trackpants. the smallest size was a 62, so I drafted a 56 and cut them out with no seam allowance. made them up as far as the waist elastic and tried them on Rory - WAY too big!! so I went back (luckily I'd bought a decent amount of stretch towelling from Alice!) and made more alterations. As premmies are generally quite long and skinny I folded 2cm out of the middle of the front and back pattern pieces. As the pants were quite long I cut the panels out and joined them, again all this was done with no seam allowance.

I had a hard time sewing the stretch towelling - I'm not used to stretch! (the colorado cotton is very low stretch). silly me didn't think to cut the top and bottom panels against the grain, as they were meant to be cut (i only decided to cut the pieces after cutting out the whole legs) so it was very very stretchy. I applied the elastic the ottobre way, which as usual looks great, but it more fiddly, especially with such a tiny waist!

Hopefully these will fit and I can make a couple more pairs - i will try to decorate the other pairs with some ribbing, ribbon, iron on designs etc etc

March 15, 2006

no craft lately!

due to pregnancy related problems i ended up in hospital for 4 weeks before Aurora / rory was born. I did get my scrapping stuff brought in and did half of a mini album as well as a few cards, but i was very uninspired and not in the mood to scrap so did nothing of note. also didn't make it to the sewing circle for obvious reasons ;o)

hope to get back to something soon but am just coping with Rory in the SCN and an infected scar for myself atm...