May 25, 2006

hat part III

The hat part II

aaagh!! the lining really was way way too small. i couldn't be bothered to recut it as i was so annoyed so i just top stitched the brim up as it was. of course i hadn't zigzagged the inside of the hat as it was going to have a lining in it, but too bad. i think the corduroy must have stretched as the hat just seems huge and i tried it on emelia this mroning and it's quite big on her (i measured her head at 53/54cm, so i did the 56cm size).

anyway, i would probably try it in a summer fabric but it was just all too hard in cord...

May 24, 2006

ottobre hat, winter style

it's been so long since i've sewed! i am making emelia a little winter hat out of corduroy (sp). i hadn't looked at the ottobre freebies in a while so am going to make this one

after rory barely sleeping all day til mid afternoon i finally got to cut the hat out. i had just done one seam when she woke :o( so after the kids were in bed i have just been making it - it's going to be SO cute!!!

but..... i followed the directions exactly - to make the lining seam allowance sligtly smaller (so the lining fits inside the hat i guess) unfortunately now the hat is probably 2-3CM bigger than the lining. not the millimetres i cut but CM. there is NO way i can fit the lining in OMG

i am so frustrated i have given up for the night.

May 21, 2006

crafty bits n pieces

went to the mall this morning...

got some felt to make finger puppets
got soem bits and pieces for a craft box for the kids
got some $1 balls of feathery wool to make a scarf for their brand new dressup box

i'm gonna be busy LOL


well, not really, i don't remember back THAT far! lol but these are pages of me at 2yo.

Last night I had a couple of the EB girls over to scrap and i did a page and a half (rory was very unsettled again, i swear she knows when i need her to sleep most) and finished one off today.

the green one was a scraplift from a recent mag (i am too lazy to get up and check what or who!) and the blue one was an original design (*gasp*, where did i find that much brain power? ROFL)

i like them both :o)

May 19, 2006

a new craft forum

pass the word...

finger puppets

I've decided to make some for ryan's birthday. this is just for me to work out what i need to buy to make them:
elephant - grey, pink felt
rabbit - grey, pink, white, black embroidery thread
mouse - grey, pink, black embroidery thread
cat - black or orange, pink, white embroidery thread
tiger - orange, black texta, black embroidery thread
galah - grey, pink, white

May 07, 2006

emelia's crossover top from ottobre

what a lovely easy design! if only i wasn't finding sewing stretch fabric and foe such a PITA!!!!!!!!

i made this from a stretch rib velour so emelia can wear it as one layer or over a T. i thought it would be wayyyy too long but as you can see it's not - though the sleeves are too long. it could probably do with being bigger in the body as i'm not sure it will fit next year...

i have the matching pants cut out but haven't had a chance to start them. trying the whole bootleg concept again.

here are some more pics (because i can't work out how to add more than one pic in an entry here)

UPDATED Robert Kaufman / Cradled in Cloth co-op

brazen's crafts: Robert Kaufman / Cradled in Cloth co-op

unfortunately a couple of the ones i picked were dropped as not enough people wanted them. my updated list is:

#31 - ladybeetles, to make New Look 6473 styles C&D need to buy contrast fabric later
#17 - adelaide, to make fitted shirt for me, ottobre woman #15
#19 - firetrucks, to make summer pj's for ryan
#21 - cats on purple, to make summer pj's for emelia
#22 - pink butterflies on chocolate, to make ottobre 1/2006, design 11, Girl's blouse
8 yards @ approx $10 pm

May 06, 2006

oh thank goodness!!

I was starting to be scared I'd never scrap again! LOL i have just been sooooo uninspired, and the longer I left it the harder it was to get going! i was scared my pages would be absolute crap. anyway, i was supposed to go to my monthly crop today for the first time in months but i just couldn't find the energy to go. this morning geoff took R&E out to the botanic gardens and i got stuck into tidying my scrapping desk. this actually got me inspired! i still have piles all over the floor in there but at least i did a layout ROFL

this layout uses
bazzill card
basic grey paper in the blitzen, fusion & oh! baby girl ranges
maya road stamps
versacolor inks (cardinal & pink)
corner rounder
rubons - Heidi

and was inspired by an Elsie Flanagan layout in a recent CK

WHY is my layout sideways?????! AAAAAGH!

May 03, 2006

Plans abound...

will be interesting to see how much i get made LOL i got my ottobre mags today so i'm making plans.

4/2005 (girl with pink coat on cover)
#1 baby dress - pink ribbed stretch velour (rory)
#2 swing top - pink / green ribbed stretch velour (emelia)
#3 skirt - pink paisley cord (emelia)
*** #19 dressing gown - polar fleece (ryan)

3/2005 (green & striped outfit)
#15 jeans - black velvety denim stuff (ryan)
#23 cord pants - blue striped cord (ryan / emelia)
#7 skivvy with zip neck - CC (ryan)
#40 trackpants - grey marle fleecy (geoff)
#40 hooded jacket - grey marle fleecy (geoff)

1/2005 (baby in overalls)
#4 bonnet - pink ribbed stretch velour (rory)
#25 jeans - black denim (ryan)
#13 yoke l/s T - CC (emelia)
#14 skirt - black cord (emelia)

3/2006 (green frill dress)
#19 dress (make as a shirt) - printed cotton (emelia)
#7 jacket - ribbed stretch velour (rory)

2/2006 (ottobre woman)
#13 pants for me
#6 fancy collar shirt
#3 placket tshirt - CC
#5 blouse - do i have fabric?
# 7 skirt - when i get back to work or out of velour?
#17 jacket - velour (co op)
#2 l/s T with v neck