April 30, 2008

i've been tagged!

thanks kylie lol

5 things found in my bag:

1. chapter 3 of the book my psychologist has me reading
2. the kids' swimming cards
3. aquim anti-bac handwash
4. elastics & clips for the girl' hair
5. lip balm (moogoo, mmmm)

5 favourite things in my sewing room: (or what I would have if I had a sewing room!)

1. ikea expedit shelf
2. window to back yard
3. ottobre mags
4. tv & dvd so i can put on old movies to listen to and keep little fingers away
5. my daylight lamp, thanks mum!

5 things I have always wanted to do:

1. travel more
2. lose weight *sigh*
3. have more money lol
4. have a great job with great people (i'm very close now, if only it paid more lol)
5. have a cleaner

5 things I am currently into:

1. stephanie plum books
2. choko bai jo (see my food blog for details)
3. writing policies lol
4. being online
5. checking my kids' hair for nits *sob*

5 people I am tagging:

1. will do this later, need to get ready for work now!

April 29, 2008

a princess dress?

emelia has been invited to a princess party (on mothers day of all days) so i thought i might make her a dress.... am i insane? lol

anyway, i already have this pattern - a garage sale find.i'm thinking of doing the dark pink dress on the bottom right, it looks the easiest. i think. lol

i already have the blue or green organza left from the mermaid skirt (which hasn't been very popular incidentally, as it's too hard for the kids to find the middle and put it on without my help) which i can use and i'm thinking of trying to use another fabric other than a slippery satin.

what do you think?

April 20, 2008

everything old is new again!

I dug emelia's overalls out of the mending pile this morning, pulled all the snaps out, undid the stitching and stitched them together all through the crotch. perfect fit for her and so cute! she'll get a lot more wear out of them than emelia did, especially with the poo sagas of recent weeks lol

will add some pics shortly...
ETA, my pic is corrupted somehow, this is one on flickr though

April 05, 2008

what a nightmare

i have just spent the past hour trying to get my overlocker to work, even called the store for advice, and have now given up.

i'm trying to do a rolled hem (with a variegated thread) and the lower looper thread just keeps breaking. i have rethreaded the whole thing probably 12 times or more, no kidding. i have also changed the needle as they suggested.

i just don't have time to take it down there for them to look at as the party is at 1pm. i wish they'd bothered to call me back about their beginners class last year (or was it the year before? lol), i can't afford it now :(

thank goodness i found a cute handbag i'd bought for rory's birthday but not given as the girls don't really play with any of the handbags they have already...

April 04, 2008

birthday gift

on wednesday ryan got his first preschool birthday party invitation!

i realised yesterday that rsvp was yesterday, even though the party wasn't til june (very early to send out invites i thought, especially with one day to rsvp!) anyway, called to rsvp and the party is on THIS saturday, someone got confused lol

i meant to have a quick look at the shops this morning but forgot and with our new tight budget i decided i should really try to make something.

the birthday girl is turning 4 and seems to be the youngest of a few children. she is quite tall and slim and seems to be from a european background and has a very individual style which is a bit funky and lot like ottobre. lucky eh?! lol

so i found some nice soft indigo denim and am making this skirt - luckily mum already traced off the wrong size for emelia which happens to be the exact right size for lejla :) i'm going to top stitch with either red or hot pink, i'm not sure if she's a pink girl...

Emelia (3y 7m)

waist 53cm
chest 55cm
height 110cm

ryan - height 113cm