April 18, 2007

the model

April 17, 2007

thanks girls :o)

you inspired me and believe it or not i made rory another pair of pants in around an hour or less instead of 4 days LOL

i used a funky uncut cord printed with spots that i'd bought at the end of last winter and sewed with a contrasting light aqua thread...

i went to spotlight today to get some flannelette to make rory some cot sheets - got some lovely bargains so now need to keep up this sewing bug!

April 16, 2007

I did it!!

ok, so it was extremely simple - ingrid's easy pant pattern (2 pieces ;o)) and it took me about 4 days (it took me 2 goes over 2 days to cut one pattern piece out lol) but they are done! hopefully i'll get some time to do some more soon as rory has a distinct lack of pants and l/s shirts...

these ones were made from a pistachio ribbed velour with pink stitching. next on the list are some ottobre shirts in funky colours

April 15, 2007

Rory April 07

waist 46.5cm
height 74cm

shhhhhh it's a secret but i might be doing a little sewing - don't scare me off!