May 17, 2008

i've been tagged again!

The Crone has tagged me!

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
i'd been going tout with dh for about 6-9 months and was just a few months away from moving to canberra to be with him.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
fold washing *sigh*
practice my overlocker skills
make a shirt or skirt for emelia
send g to canberra theatre to buy tickets for the chaser's show
survive my children, GIVE ME STRENGTH

3) Snacks I enjoy:
golden delicious apples
brie / camembert cheeses with crackers and chilli jam
slices and cakes (aagh)
scones with jam and cream

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
travel o/s regularly
buy a beach house
pay off my mortgage and buy a house on more land
get a cleaner too LOL

5) Places I have lived:
canberra, wagga wagga, milan, london (northwood), vermont

May 11, 2008

quick fleece hats

just found this link on another blog, i'll definitely be having a go at these because we always tend to need 2-3 hats per child - as at least one always seems to end up at daycare ...

the secret to my addiction...

a few weeks ago someone on eb mentioned bloglines... suddenly i didn't have to miss posts because clicking all my links was too tedious and time consuming to do, or miss blogs because adding them to my list took ages too.

now i have a few (*cough* nearly 100 *cough*) blogs subscribed to and bloglines tells me when there are new posts so i know to go straight to them. i can comment immediately and my only problem is that i keep adding new blogs, and i see so many recipes i have trouble remembering where i saw one i want to make LOL

do yourself a favour and check it out

and if anyone knows why i am all set on being public subscriber and yet i never show up as public i'd love to know!!!

May 09, 2008

ottobre WOW!

i have jsut discovered someone on flickr who is totally into ottobre and i am just wow at what she has made - love the colours and fabrics, she's into dyeing and fancy stitching, she has an embroidery machine (how jealous am i??? *sob*) OMG! she is amazing!


last weekend i got the urge to crochet.

so when i went to lincraft i bought a ball of wool (a bit tricky as i was following an ottobre pattern and it talked about metres per 100g and i couldn't find any particularly close!) thank goodness for youtube as the instructions are in american crochet terms LOL

it's going slowly as i just do a row or two per night (i have discovered i can actually crochet while i read on the puter, wooh lol) and i had to undo 3-4 rows last night as i realised that i had messed up half a row really badly. anyway, here's a teaser...

ETA: aaaagh i think i must have stuffed it up somehow, it is not looking at all like it's supposed to - and i have no idea how, i thought i'd done really well at following directions !! OMG i am sooooo bad at following instructions, i just cannot do it lol

May 06, 2008

overlocker student

tonight was the first night of my 8 week overlocker class. we didn't do a lot tonight (in fact nothing lol) but talked a lot and had some little demos (the teacher spent a lot of time helping some of the people who had 10-20 year old overlockers which hadn't been used in all that time!!!) as mine's a janome and the newer (cheaper lol) version of 2 of the others i didn't get any extra help.

we get to pick our project though so i'm going to do covers for my machines, just to keep the dust off...

May 04, 2008

the verdict is in...

i stuffed up the invisible zipper! it's totally visible LOL i think i should have done it my way instead of tryign to do it the ottobre way with a non-functioning brain!!!! LOL

Such a Princess!

Emelia's princess dress is nearly done :) i just need to do the zipper - an invisible one (which i have never used / done before so am a little nervous lol)

i ended up using a different pattern - the new Ottobre arrived and Emelia (who took it to bed with her two nights in a row lol) fell in love with this dress (3/2008, design 19)

i thought chances were the ottobre dress would probably be easier than the simplicity so went with it - so far it has been easy, even though i did stuff up the side seams of the bodice (but i wasn't feeling at all well yesterday so i have a good excuse)

i had to go out this morning to buy the zipper so i bought some ribbon to trim it with too - now i wish i could have trimmed the bodice with some too instead of my pathetic top stitching! i might try later if i get a chance, at least it won't be as fiddly as the ribbon on the bottom to sew straight as i'll have the top stitching line to follow :)

i have to put in a disclaimer too - i did NOT choose the fabric! it is totally not my taste in colours lol emelia picked it from mum's stash ;p i think it qualifies as retro as it's no doubt late 80's lol

here's the princess (with her new princess jiffies, what a blast from the past they are lol)

PS: as it's practically winter here now she'll be wearing leggings and a long sleeve shirt under it ;)
i saw a dress with similar sleeves in myer, made out of fine cord and with decorative stitching so if i can find anything suitable in my stash i'm going to have a go at making this as a winter dress, probably shorter.
PPS: this is a 104 and emelia is 3.5y and wears a size 4-5 top and size 4 bottoms