January 29, 2006

stuff done - yay

LOL gotta love a descriptive title huh?

well, the stuff i done (great grammar too ;o)) is this morning i cut out a top and pants for emelia to take to sewing circle ** and just now i have scrapped a layout for scrappin dreams. of course i've now realised i can't post it til it's on the site DAMN! lol will have to remember to come back here in a few days...

** i don't think i posted about sewing circle - this is run by our local community college and is not a class but just 2 hours a week on a monday evening when you go to the college (like senior high school) and can spend the time sewing. you have to take your own machine and materials, and there is no teacher though everyone can offer help. hopefully i'm going with 2 girlfriends i've met online and it will be nice to have that dedicated time :o)

January 28, 2006

EB Scrap Swap layout

my swap partner sent me a package that had lots of oranges, greens and some browns and reds. orange is a challenge! but I eventually realised i had the perfect photos and i was really happy with how this turned out! i still have to find out the date and stamp it in the centre slide.

January 27, 2006

Sewing at last!

gosh it's a long time since i've done anything creative!!

anyway, i finally got to do an ottobre pattern. if you go to the website and click on the little magazine at the bottom 2/2005 (the one with the boy in blue shirt and girl in green dress, then go to page 7, i made that little top. cute huh.

it was more complicated than i thought but only because it used different techniques. so instead of creating a casing and threading elastic through it, i had to stitch elastic onto the hem, then turn and top stitch. looks great even though it took a lot more effort in the making. the other funny thing i had to do was to attach the ribbon for the bow. not sure if it's just my shonky bow tying, but if i sewed the ribbon on horizontally the bow sat vertically LOL so i had to unpick that and sew the ribbon on vertically and now the bow sits perfectly ;o)

i suspect the top will be a bit big for emelia and will be put away for next year, but i'll try it on her shortly and see (she' only just woken up and is calling to be gotten out of bed right now)

if this top looks nice on here i'm planning on splurging on some batik fabric like they've used in the mag (around $30 / m unless i can find a cheaper source) and making her another.

January 24, 2006

stop confusing me! LOL (and more supplies for the craft i'm not doing)

people on my blog list (see right) keep changing where they're blogging to. don't they know they shouldn't confuse a pregnant woman like this? LOL

i have been busily increasing my sewing and scrapping supplies but haven't actaully done anything lately. i have lost my scrapping mojo and it's been wAY too hot to sew.

i have traced off a heap of patterns from ottobre 2/05 and i've cut out a couple. just have to sew...

hopefully i will scrap this weekend, as i got my scrap swap pack from my partner at EB and also my DT pack from scrappin' dreams (gorgeous papers i've never seen before!).

January 15, 2006

january crop yesterday

and i did basically nothing! i just couldn't get inspired, i wasn't feeling the best. i started the morning by sorting gill's ribbons into colours, then read some magazines, then went to spotlight with mum, where i got a pair of serra sharp scissors on sale as well as some patterns (sale) and fabrics (mostly reduced). i had bought a cheap pair of scissors last year but they are soooo not as good as serra sharps...

then finally, after lunch, i swapped photos with rebecca for inspiration, and did a layout of zoe for her. that was fun though i think my layout might have been a bit too simple and girly for her. she did one of emelia for me which is just gorgeous, i don't know how she comes up with her ideas! i have to journal it so will post it sometime...

then i started a layout i didn't finish. that was it for 6 hours of scrapping time ROFL

January 12, 2006

more scraplifts ;o)

it's all i have the brainpower for lol

these ones scraplifted from the current scrapbook creations. note that one page is for each child's album - one of my little tricks is to do identical or near identical pages for each, the 'designing' is what takes so much time, so while emelia's took probably 1.5 hours, ryan's only took about 20 minutes LOL

January 10, 2006

new jammies for ryan!

today i made up 2 pairs of pj's for ryan. (I'd cut them out on Sunday). took me about 2.5 hours i think. it makes life so much faster with an overlocker - thanks mum LOL (i just visited hers)

these pj's were made from more of the colorado cotton from alice's co-op, using cornflower blue and new lime green. I hadn't thought to but ribbing used is some white mum had stashed away, and top-stitched everything with white to tie it all in. the two pairs are opposite colourways (ie: blue sleeves / green body and vice versa)

the pattern for the shirt is the raglan shirt from the sewing for toddlers book (thanks to a cyberfriend, emjay) and the shorts patter is from the same one i used to make emelia's pink christmas dress (yes, it's a girl's pattern but perfect for boxers!) believe it or not these are a size FOUR (ryan is a size 2, going into a 3). at least i know they'll fit next year!

January 06, 2006

scraplift challenge

I set a scraplift challenge in a group i'm part of - we had to go to the blue bazaar website and scraplift a layout by the design team.

here is the layout i scraplifted http://www.bluebazaar.com.au/bb/album_showpage.php?full=&pic_id=6359

Maternity Top #2!

I made version number two of this pattern. Love this fabric (and it doesn' t look like an apron LOL) and it looks great with my chocolate brown pants.

anyway, i gathered this one across the front which sits nicer than the pleats of the last one. put sleeves in and decided to do gypsy style elastic which i'm not so keen on but don't hate. I didn't cut this one bigger and while it fits it only just does so!

overall i'm pretty happy and i must say i love this pattern it's so quick and simple :o)

Pattern used is butterick 4201

January 03, 2006

christmas stuff part 3 - santa sacks

these are unfinished, but i just ran out of time (and energy) before christmas! i got one of my scrapping buddies to scan her foam stamps with the kids' names and i blew them up and printed them out to use as templates. the fabric was christmas quilting fabric from hobbysew and the red sack is made from colorado cotton ordered through a co-op (thanks alice :O)) on aus co-op. i should have put the names on the bottoms of the sacks but too late now. before next christmas i will have to make a third one of course LOL plus create drawstrings on the top of each...

Scrapbook Swap page

This was done last night (first page in ages!) for a scrapbook swap in a baby group i'm part of. the other mum sent her photos to me and i was able to scrapbook them however i wanted. this was a total scraplift, though i used patterned papers which i think improved it. i wnated to scan and enlarge the pciture on the left but we didn't have any photo paper, it's a bit lopsided - heavy on the right page.