March 26, 2008

community service announcement LOL

i have just set up a food / kitchen blog, to share my kitchen experiments and favourite recipes.

March 24, 2008


wooooo! not only did i finish something in a day but it was something for me too!!! yippee!! (the kids are just about sorted for winter, i want a whole new wardrobe i can't afford though so i need to be sewing...)

the jacket doesn't fit quite right - it's actually a bit tight across the shoulders and i'm not really sure how to fix that. other than that it's not too bad, could do with an extra cm all round perhaps.

i didn't put elastic on the arms as i decided i liked them as they were. they are also shorter than i expected, but luckily i love 3/4 sleeves ;) i haven't done the ribbon tie yet as none of my ribbon is the right colour.

i don't mind the style - it's probably not quite me for casual wear but suits very well for work. i'll probably make at least one more (i have several more velours waiting lol)

PS: do you like the photo ryan took for me? i asked him to take a photo of my jacket so he did exactly what i asked lol i supposed i shoudln't complain, at least there's no double chins lol!!!

nice rainy day for sewing...

i'm trying to make myself a jacket to take to melbourne - something new :)

yesterday i drafted teh pattern to fit and cut it out. hoped to sew but didn't. today i'm sewing...

i'm making this jacket from Ottobre 2/08 design #10 in a chocolate brown stretch velour. interesting to sew lol

seven things meme

I’ve been tagged by Dani

Firstly, here are the rules:
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Seven Things :
1. I am hoping to sew myself a jacket to take to melbourne today.
2. both my girls are getting sick, only 4 days before we fly out, i am just dreading that it could be tonsilitis :(
3. too much is never enough
4. i am craving a decent cup of coffee - aldi coffee is good enough most of the time, but i want something better atm
5. i desperately want to be organised but never seem to get close
6. i can't stand whinging whining children - aaagh
7. half of the filling in the tooth i've been procrastinating on having refilled, fell out last night

I’m tagging
7 people who i will work out later today lol

ok, tagging...
dani / dsk
the crone
lynn / dreamweaver
helen / mini-grey
karen / phreespirit

and i just can't think of a 7th person who i don't think would get annoyed with me lol (not that i think anyone on the list will actually do this lol)