March 22, 2009

New Ironing Board Cover

this was the "quick" project i started yesterday as a warm up to making ryan's school pants. somehow this "quick" project took me 24 frustrating hours.

I was going to use this tutorial to do it but due to the knots in the string in my cover i couldn't lay it flat, then it turned out after i'd cut the edges off (without measuring, which is probably not advisable) that my cover was so old - around 12 years (it doesn't get used much) that it was all twisted out of shape so it made a very badly shaped template.

so i couldn't do it the way the tutorial said to. so, forgetting that i'd cut 1.5" off the outside of the cover i made a channel and put a cord in, tried to get it on the board and of course not even close.

so in the end i cut the cord out of the old edge, fitted it to the new cover and then attached a nice wide elastic all the way around it. if i was a professional ironer it wouldn't be good enough but given i only ever iron when sewing and now the occasional school uniform, it's fine. and won't need doing for another 12 years i hope ;p


Cascade Lily said...

That is exactly why I am going to buy my next one! Thanks for reminding me, because I would have made exactly the same 're-sews' as you!